The third Games became a sideshow, this time of the World's Fair held to celebrate the centenary of the Louisiana purchase. Because of the distance it also became a unilateral event: 85% of the participants was American citizen and more precisely member of American clubs and/or universities (there was no official American NOC yet). Originally the Games were designated to Chicago but at the request of President Roosevelt the happening was moved to Saint Louis.

Much strange things happened with distances (imperial measures), making turns with rowing, participation of professional cyclists, marathon athletes taking the car and so on, that this edition was a mere debacle.

One more thing to be mentioned: there were far more sporting events than the 95 registered here. It had to be decided by the IOC which event was Olympic and which not - of course food for an eternal discussion.

After the IIIrd Games were closed in november (with a football tournement) many people asked themselves if the Olympic movement has come to an end, because the IIIrd Olympic Games were a disgrace for the movement. The more understandable becomes the request of the Greek to organize the Games every four year in Greece: Athens 1906 was the first try-out that felt far better than the commercial circus in the USA.