To create some new spirit in the Olympic movement de Coubertin agreed with a series of four-yearly meetings in between the "normal" Games organised by the Greek in Athens. The only 'but' was that this interim games did not get an official IOC-number despite the fact that the same IOC agreed with their organisation. In fact this controverse was a Pierre de Coubertin item, because he (and half of the IOC) did not want a separate series of Games organised by Greece and the other half of the IOC thought that was a good idea. The discussion about this subject is going on until our days and is bottom-line not very interesting: the IOC agreed and thus we have official Games in 1906, numbered or not. The Games were an success due to the fact that the Greek public was again very enthousiast and made the venues crowded. For the first time the United States were represented by an official delegation approved by their IOC.