Originally awarded to Rome (the city of Rome could not organize the Games due to financial problems because of the Vesuvius eruption) London organised the best Games until so far. Great Britain was the only country with a widespread of (semi)-professional sport body's that were capable of organising a well-oiled sporting event. It was the first time that the athletes came into the stadium as a procession, each country behind there own flag. It must be said that the first time the organisation made much mistakes in choosing the right flag per country. Unfortunately there were quite some incidents due to nationalism, for instance at the 400m track race where an English athlete won the gold medal in a walk-over final (he was the only competitor left due to arbitration errors, protest and so on). Everybody knows that this was not the last incident for that matter in the history of the Games…. The last memorable fact is that the distance of the marathon became 42km and 195m (official as of the Games of 1924), because the marathon trail went from the Windsor castle to the royal seats in the Olympic stadium. The 395m extra (on top of the 41.8km to Windsor Castle) was due to the fact that the royal children could see the start of the marathon better when starting beneath the windows of the royal nursery in Windsor Castle.