The VIth Games were awarded to Berlin, but due to the first World War (1914-1919) not organised. The numbering does not take this effect into account and so the VIIth Olympics were held in Antwerp. The city was severely damaged by the war, but managed to organize a good sporting event. The countries that lost the war (Germany, Turkey, Austria, Bulgaria and Hungary) were not invited. A few difficult circumstances: housing of the athletes took place in old schools and was not very comfortable, the running-track in the athletics stadium was very poor worsened by the persistent rain that was falling. The watching crowds were mostly small, very understandable after a terrible war. The program included to winter sports: ice-hockey and figure skating. In that way the Games were a combination of summer and winter games. A complicating factor was the fact that the Antwerp organisation went bankrupt during the Games with the consequence that no official report of the Games was ever produced. Bill Mallon and Tony Bijkerk filled this gap in 2002 with their publication 'The 1920 Olympic Games'. The medal tabel can show one difference being the gold medal Sailing 18-foot (GBR: Hedberg and Richards). Mallon cs have found out that there was no competition at all in the 18-foot race, so no medals have been awarded. We follow this statement.