Originally scheduled for Amsterdam (see Greenberg 2007 pg 22) de Coubertin directed the Games to Paris, so they could make up there bad achievement in 1900. Everything got more official in particular the decision to add events to the program: only the IOC was permitted to do that in contrast to all former editions. Well over 600.000 spectators visited the Games, sometimes taken away by outrageous French nationalism. In 1981 Hugh Hudson presented his film Chariots of Fire dedicated to the achievements of Harold Abrahams (GBR) - 100m and Eric Liddell (GBR) - 400m. The film won four Oscars and made the Games of 1924 retroactively famous. To give an idea how things were organised that time the following example. There were no presentation ceremonies at the Paris Olympics and one month after the Games, Harold Abrahams received his medals through the mail; but as the French authorities had not put sufficient stamps on the package he had to pay the missing amount himself.