Finally the Games came to Amsterdam: they started to try in 1912 (!) and untill the last moment there was discussion and opposition of other countries. It was a great success despite the sometimes bad weather conditions. Public attendance was OK (partly due to the new build olympic stadium with a capacity of 33.000 places. Nowadays this stadium is still used as an athletic stadium.). The German NOC was invited again for the first time after Wolrd War I and, we must say, they did there job very well. For the first time there were running events for women: 100m, 200m, 400m and the 800m. After the finish of the longest distance several women fainted. The (male) board of the IOC therefore decided not to organize any track event longer than 200m anymore. This lasted until 1960! No less than 28 countries divided the gold medals, a record that would last for almost 40 years!