The Games of 1936 were in hinsight forbidden games. The USA tried to organize a boycot in the IOC, but Avery Brundage himself was strongly in favour of these games and won the debate. Several new stadiums were build as Hitler thought that after the victory of the nazi's all Olympic Games should be held in Germany. History was (luckely) a bit different. After the main stadium was finished (with a capacity of 100.000 seats) Hitler was not satisfied and thè architect of the Third Reich, Albert Speer, was asked to make some improvements. The sporting level was extremely high and also the attendance was very impressive: more then a million spectators came to see the Games, a record. New was the Olympic torch relay from the Greek Olympia to the capital of Germany: 3187 km's ran by 3331 runners in ten days. Also new was the fact that the Games were filmed and broadcasted on 25 big screens all over Berlin.