In 1949 the IOC voted in favour of Melbourne as olympic city for 1956, but soon it became clear that, due to stringent animal quarantine laws, they were unable to organize the equestrian events in Australia. Therefore it was decided that the equestrian sports were held in Stockholm Sweden from 10-17 june. Despite this weird construction it seems workable. What happened next was the invasion of the Soviet troops in Hungary in october. This fact led to the boycot of the Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland though Russia was present and despite that Hungary participated in Melbourne! The awkward result of all this was that the three countries boycotting Melbourne did compete in Stockholm, so took part of the 1956 Games and boycotting the rest of the Games at the same time. We consider this fact as a interim withdrawal: so the boycotting countries did compete but only in one sport: equestrianism. Also in october the French and the British invade the Suez-canal area due to a dipute between Israel and Egypt on this subject. Egypt and Lebanon withdrew because of this. The third boycot was mainland China that did not want to compete in Games where Taiwan was present.