First of all there was the Rhodesia issue. Rhodesia was a seggregated country and yet the IOC invited Rhodesia to the Games. The African countries threatened with a boycott and finally the IOC decided (three days before the opening!) to reverse the first decision and so Rhodesia was not invited to the 1972 Games. The most terrible thing happened in the Olympic History until then was the attack of the Palestians of the Black September movement towards the Olympic village on september the 5th. They took eleven Israelis as hostage. Tho hostages resisted the attack and were shot immediately. After 18 hours the terrorists and their hostages were transferred by helicopter to the Munich military airport F├╝rstenfeldbruck to board a plane to an unknown Arab country. The German authorities planned to ambush the kidnappers there but underestimated the strength of the terrosrists. As a consequence of that fact all Israeli hostages were killed by the Palestinians. The next day the competition was resumed with the agreement of most parties involved including the Israelis (!). Then the Games. A fantastic Olympic compex was build at the estimated costs of $ 650 million. The opening was viewed by a 1000 million people: a record at the time. The athlete of the Games was the American swimmer Mark Spitz winning seven gold medals, a new record in the history of the Games. Greatest and most popular personality was the female gymnast Olga Korbuth who helped out the Russian team at the last moment because of injuries of a teammate and made great impression with here great personality. The most remarkable incident was the finish of the basketball final between the USA and the Soviet Union. The USA had there first (!) lead in dying seconds of the game (50-49) with one second on the leader board. Then the Americans thought they had won, the referees decided to make it three seconds, the clock was not set back in the right way and finally Belov made the winning lay-up for the soviets (51-50). This was the end of a no-loss story of the USA since the introduction of basketball in 1936.