At the last moment the Montreal Games were boycotted by 20 (mainly) African countries, due to the visit of New Zealand's rugby team that visited the South African apartheids regime. Furthermore Taiwan withdrawed herself because of the refusion of China to recognize Taiwan under the title of Republic of China. The opening of the Games was performed by Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain, officialy head of state despite the fact that Canada was granted full independence in most matters with the Statute of Westminster 1931. The Canada Act 1982 severed the vestiges of legal dependence on the British parliament. Apart from that the preparation of the venues was a desaster because of corruption (in Canada!), planning errors, strikes, slowdowns and incompetency of the organisation. In the end it shows that the State of Quebec had an debt inheritance of only $304 million… The stars of the Montreal Games were Nadia Comaneci (Rou) (only 14 years old) winning 5 medals (3 Gold), Andrianov (Urs) winning 7 medals (4 Gold), Ender (Gdr) winning 5 medals (4 Gold), Naber (Usa) winning 5 medals (4 Gold), Tsukahara (Jpn) winning 5 medals (2 Gold) and Babashoff (Usa) also winning 5 medals (1 Gold).