The Games of Moscow 1980 were boycotted by approximately 63 countries because of the invasion of the Soviet Union in Afghanistan on the 24th of December in 1979. The USA was the great initiator of this olympic boycot although there was no trade or other boycot imposed. The variations in boycotting were great: some countries did not compete at all (eg United States, Japan and West-Germany), some countries said they would not compete but were not boycotting the Games and some countries sended individual athletes (they could decide themselves to participate or not). The last category boycotted by not showing their national flags, or not playing their national hymne or by not visiting the opening/closing ceremony. Then the Games in short: very well organised (sometimes too well!), very chauvinistic public and, despite the boycot of so many countries, excellent achievements resulting in 34 world records and 62 olympic records. The most succesfull athletes were Aleksandr Dityatin (URS) with 8 medals (3 gold) in gymnastics, Nikolay Andrianov (URS) with 5 medals (2 gold) also in gymnastics, Ines Diers (GDR) with 5 medals (2 gold) in swimming and Caren Metschuck (GDR) with 4 medals (3 gold) in swimming.