The Games were struck by a Soviet-boycott announced on 8 May 1984, the day the olympic torch arrived in the United States to start a nationwide torch relay. Clearly this was a sort of punishment/revenge for the US-boycott of the Moscow games in 1980. The whole Soviet bloc boycotted the LA-games too with the exception of Romania and Yugoslavia. This includes the following countries: Afghanistan, Angola, Bulgaria, Cuba, Czechoslowakia, Ethiopia, East-Germany, Hungary, Laos, Mongolia, North Korea, Poland, South-Yemen, Soviet Union and Vietnam. For different (though also political) reasons Albania, Iran and Libya also boycotted this LA-Games. The attendance figure was 5.7 million with the top seed of the soccer final with an attendance of 101.799. At the end of the Games the organisation (to be more specific the OC chairman Peter Ueberroth) reported a profit of $215 million in contrast to the major deficit of the Montreal games in 1976. With this amount (amongst other things) a foundation was started that supplied information with respect to the Olympic Games in general ànd all specific results per edition and tries to stimulate sport under young people through the financing of special sport projects (website The most succesfull sporters in 1984 were Carl Lewis (Usa) - 4x gold, Ecaterina Szabo(Rou) - 4x gold, 1x silver), Li Ning (Chn) - 3x gold, 2x silver, 1x bronze and Valerie Brisco-Hooks - 3x gold. Furthermore we had five swimmers winning 3x gold: Rick Carey, Tracy Caulkins, Mary T. Meagher, Nancy Hogshead,