This Games started with the problem that North-Korea claimed the hosting of half the Games. Some sports were offered to them prior to the beginning of the Games, but they were not satisfied and finally boycotted the 88 Games together with Albania, Cuba, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Nicaragua and the Seychelles - all hard-line communist countries at the time. New sports were tennis (again since 1924) and table-tennis, furthermore the number of events in existing sports were extended. During the opening ceremony after Greece followed Gabon and Ghana because the Korean alphabet starts with a G. and with the lightning of the Olympic flame some peace pigeons were burned: in short a very special opening ceremony. The Games were well organised and well attended with outstanding achievements of the athletes. Ben Johnson was the special guest: first he was honoured for an outstanding achievement on the 100m: new world record in 9.79 seconds and three days later he was disqualified for failing a drugs-test. Another nine competitors were also banned for failing drugs tests. Unfortunately this type of behaviour belongs to top sport nowadays.