The Games in Sydney were very successfull in attendency (93% of all the tickets were sold), in friendly volunteers (47.000 praised by every athlete, attendant or tourist for their willingness to help in a friendly manner), in watching the television coverage of the opening (3.7 billion people worldwide), in the longest torch distance (51.184 km) before the torch lit the Olympic flame by Cathy Freeman, who has aboriginal roots and an official Olympic stadium record crowd of 112.524 spectators while Cathy Freeman was running (and winning) the 400m final. The most exotic story was about swimmer Eric Moussambani from Equatorial Africa who won the first heat of the 100m freestyle swimming in the slowest olympic time ever. The 'winning' was due to the fact that the two other athletes in his heat were disqualified for a false start. As for the number of events there was also a record: 300 medal rewarding events were held of which 23 new events for women.