Due to the Olympic Organisational Committe of Athens a new airport and a subway were the tangible proof of the Games being organised in Athens. It was 8 years later than planned by the Greek because they wanted the Games 100 years after the first modern edition in 1896, but nevertheless. Unfortunately there were huge problems with the building sites, pollution in the city, transport shortcomings, etc. and the IOC even talked about transferring the Games to another country. With the appointment of a new manager (Gianna Angelopoulos-Daskalaki) things improved progressively and in the end everything was OK. Another problem concerned the doping cases of the Greek themselves, during the Games. They were withdrawn from competition due to a missed drugs test. All in all acceptable Games with a very succesfull Michael Phelps, swimming a remarkable 17 races in seven days, and ending with six gold medals and two bronze.